Social Research Unit

The Social Research Unit is an independent charity that seeks to increase the use of evidence of what works in designing and delivering services for children and their families. I built their website using WordPress.

Social Research Unit

To keep costs down I based the design on a premium theme called Avada. This theme already includes features such as a blog section, and elements for constructing the home page. I customised the theme to match the SRU’s branding and content.

Social Research Unit blog


I built the Bellenden website based on a design by Macsima. The site is mobile responsive, meaning that its layout automatically restructures and adapts itself to the size of the user’s device, whether phone, tablet or desktop computer. Unusually for me, this is a business rather than a non-profit’s website.


The site makes good use of the ability of WordPress to insert galleries of images into pages, in order to publish staff and consultants’ photos. Also, staff can be associated with particular pages so that visitors know who to contact.


Law for Life

Law for Life is a charity dedicated to ensuring that people have the knowledge, confidence and skills needed to deal with law-related issues. I designed and built their website using WordPress.

Law for Life

Register of Professional Turners

The Register of Professional Turners is an association of woodturners who offer a professional service to the public, and whose work has been approved by competent assessors as being of good quality. I built them a WordPress website, which puts lists of woodturners onto maps so that the public can find them easily.

Register of Professional Turners home

The CustomPress plugin was used to help create a directory of woodturners’ contact details, and categorise them according to their specialities.

The MapPress plugin enabled us to integrate Google Maps into the website, so that woodturners could be displayed on maps. The public can find woodturners in their area, and see lists of pole lathe turners or bowl turners near them.

Register of Professional Turners map

The TeamPB blog

TeamPB is a website jointly run by The Prostate Cancer Charity and Breast Cancer Care.  They provided the visual design and I made it all work in WordPress.

TeamPB home page

There are some nice touches to the design. For example the blue and pink colour scheme that both mirrors their logos and makes it clear this is an issue that affects men and women. I like the way that text has a white space margin to its sides, but photos don’t.

TeamPB about page

The main feature of the website is its blog, which keeps marathon runners and supporters informed. There’s also a Twitter widget in the right column, which they keep very up-todate.

TeamPB blog and Tweets

When the website first went live it also had application forms for the marathon. I built these using the Gravity Forms WordPress plugin because it enables complex, flexible online forms to be created with a minimum of fuss.

The TeamPB website can be seen at

Social Impact Analysts Association

This new Association needed a website to promote their organisation, sign up members and advertises their conference and other events. I designed their website and built it using WordPress.

Social Impact Analysts Association website home page

Complex online forms

The website’s most important feature is perhaps its membership forms. The Association is on a drive to expand its membership and has three separate forms.  They’re all quite long, so we split the forms into sections, filled in over several pages. When the forms are submitted they send an email notification to the Association; they also send the data to a client relationship database called Salesforce.  A WordPress plugin called Gravity Forms enabled us to build such complex forms.

SIAA membership form

Displaying staff and trustees’ details

SIAA wanted their staff and trustees’ names and short biographies beside a photo, which was easy for them to do in WordPress by simply left-aligning the thumbnail images and putting a horizontal rule below each person’s biography. A added sprinkle of CSS code made it look smart.

SIAA trustees

Visit the website of the Social Impact Analysts Association.

Artwork for a craftsman’s DVD cover

I designed the cover and inlay for my Dad’s woodturning DVD. A quick and simple task, especially since he was able to provide a selection of eye-catching photos to choose from.

Woodturning DVD coverThe artwork was sent to the company printing the DVDs, following their guidelines on dimensions and quality.

I also built a landing page on Stuart’s website to advertise the DVD, with a PayPal form to take payments.

Whenever he tells people about the DVD, or advertises it on the Internet, he gives the address of this landing page instead of his usual website address.

Dementia-Friendly Environments

I built this website — Dementia Friendly Environments — for the Department of Health. The site was built to follow Australian government guidelines on accessibility, and uses the corporate branding of Victorian goverment websites.

This site is built in static html code

I’d not been asked to build a new static website in years, but the department wasn’t using a CMS. There was a large amount of written copy to insert, carefully markup with HTML and style using CSS. Dreamweaver templates were used to ensure the layout remained consistent across the many pages and sections.

Dementia Friendly Environments home page

Images and captions

There were a few unusual features. Photos had to be captioned, with the words appearing when you hover over parts of the image. This wasn’t done using image maps because we wanted the text to be accessible. Instead, CSS was used to position each caption. Note the link to a longer description of the image: not something that most websites bother with, but necessary on this website to maintain accessibility.

Dementia Friendly Environments images

Making web content stand out

The department wanted to make particular parts of the content stand out, so I applied a background colour and an icon to text to make it obvious that it’s a case study, research note, or a client’s experience. Quotes were made eye-catching, with links to the citation’s source clearly linked to.

Dementia Friendly Environments icons and quotes