Dementia-Friendly Environments

I built this website — Dementia Friendly Environments — for the Department of Health. The site was built to follow Australian government guidelines on accessibility, and uses the corporate branding of Victorian goverment websites.

This site is built in static html code

I’d not been asked to build a new static website in years, but the department wasn’t using a CMS. There was a large amount of written copy to insert, carefully markup with HTML and style using CSS. Dreamweaver templates were used to ensure the layout remained consistent across the many pages and sections.

Dementia Friendly Environments home page

Images and captions

There were a few unusual features. Photos had to be captioned, with the words appearing when you hover over parts of the image. This wasn’t done using image maps because we wanted the text to be accessible. Instead, CSS was used to position each caption. Note the link to a longer description of the image: not something that most websites bother with, but necessary on this website to maintain accessibility.

Dementia Friendly Environments images

Making web content stand out

The department wanted to make particular parts of the content stand out, so I applied a background colour and an icon to text to make it obvious that it’s a case study, research note, or a client’s experience. Quotes were made eye-catching, with links to the citation’s source clearly linked to.

Dementia Friendly Environments icons and quotes