Social Impact Analysts Association

This new Association needed a website to promote their organisation, sign up members and advertises their conference and other events. I designed their website and built it using WordPress.

Social Impact Analysts Association website home page

Complex online forms

The website’s most important feature is perhaps its membership forms. The Association is on a drive to expand its membership and has three separate forms.  They’re all quite long, so we split the forms into sections, filled in over several pages. When the forms are submitted they send an email notification to the Association; they also send the data to a client relationship database called Salesforce.  A WordPress plugin called Gravity Forms enabled us to build such complex forms.

SIAA membership form

Displaying staff and trustees’ details

SIAA wanted their staff and trustees’ names and short biographies beside a photo, which was easy for them to do in WordPress by simply left-aligning the thumbnail images and putting a horizontal rule below each person’s biography. A added sprinkle of CSS code made it look smart.

SIAA trustees

Visit the website of the Social Impact Analysts Association.

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