Videos to help you learn WordPress

New to WordPress? Need to know how to edit your website’s content? There are plenty of free video and written tutorials available online to help you. I’ve sifted through them to find the ones that would be most useful to a beginner.

Please note that WordPress may work slightly differently from shown in the video, if your website has additional plugins or has been customised. And WordPress gets upgraded and improved regularly. But most things should still look pretty much same!

The WordPress dashboard

Let’s start with an introduction to the WordPress dashboard, the first thing you see when you login to WordPress.

Writing and publishing a page

How to write a page – pages are a basic, everyday use of WordPress.

Writing and publishing a post

How to write a post – a post is like a news item, content that’s ordered by date and can be categorised.

Excerpts & the More tag

How to give your posts an excerpt – a short bit of text that sums up what the post is about.

Saving and returning to draft posts & pages

How to edit existing posts and pages – saving drafts of your content.

For more video tutorials visit’s How To section.



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